About Us

Sweet Spun Beauty creates astonishingly delightful beauty products to make you look beyond amazing.

Sweet Spun Beauty is a smart and savvy boutique beauty company that was founded on the belief that beauty doesn’t have to be boring to be highly effective. On the belief that amazingly powerful beauty products can work wonders, but that they can also be fun, whimsical and delightful. Sweet Spun creates lotions and serums that make your skin glow and make your heart sing. Cosmetics that go on smoothly with perfection, and make everyone look at you and say, “wow.” After all, skin care and makeup products are fun, but they also need to make you look even more gorgeous than you already are – if that’s even possible, wink wink.

We curate the best of the best ingredients to bring you the most effective skin care solutions and the most beautiful makeup products. We use the good stuff, and we leave out the yucky stuff, like parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Plus, we love animals, so our products are cruelty free.

Sweet Spun means crafted with care. A treasure trove of beauty products that you can feel good about, and that also make you feel and look A-mazing. A little bit of Southern hospitality mixed with scientifically proven recipes and ingredients. All Spun With Love in Lovely Los Angeles.

These are not your grandmother's beauty products, but you can let her borrow them if you'd like! Yes, our products really can make your skin gleam with youthfulness and make you look beyond beautiful. Our highly skilled chemists bet their lab coats on it. Plus, our products will look as pretty on your vanity as they do on your beautiful face.

our manifesto

At Sweet Spun Beauty we believe ...

  • In Love at first site: both in true love and in beauty products.
  • That shiny things are always best, except when it comes to your face.
  • In the power of high heels and manicures.
  • That you should never stop playing dress up.
  • That champagne and chocolates can cure almost anything.
  • In chandeliers - everywhere yes, even in the laundry room.
  • That the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile. In the girly power of vanilla tea,
  • petit-fours, sparkles and pink. That getting presents are so much fun,
  • but giving them is even better. In collecting pretty things that make you smile every
  • time you walk in the door. In the power of twirling like a toddler, dancing in the rain,
  • blowing bubbles and picking dandelions. That beauty routines should not only work.
  • But should be easy & fun! In being lovely - always.

Meet Our Founder

Sweet Spun founder, Alison Cohen, is a former Fashion Executive who always had a passion for all things Beauty: Skin care, makeup, and pretty things in general.

She is a mommy to three glittery, sparkly princesses, and one little prince, and she is already teaching them the importance of taking care of their skin. Yes, she even has them wear sunscreen to school each day. She believes that the earlier you can incorporate great skin care and beauty habits into your life, the better. Becoming a mommy drove her to take particular care in the safety and the quality of the ingredients going into Sweet Spun’s beauty products.

Skin care has always been an essential part of her life. She recognized at an early age how important it is to take care of your skin. Yes, for overall beauty, and to maintain a glow of youthfulness, but also for overall health. In Sweet Spun, Alison wanted to bring an element of fashion and youthful fun to skin care. She wanted to send the message that your skin care regimen doesn’t have to be boring to be highly effective. That it can and should make you feel beyond pretty.

And makeup. Don’t even get her started. Alison is truly obsessed… In a good way! She loves playing with makeup as much as do her little girls. She believes that makeup and cosmetics should enhance our own natural beauty and that they should let us live whatever fairytale we feel like starring in each day.

Alison is a true girly girl at heart and loves all things pink, sparkly and chic. She loves twinkle lights, country roses, and the casual elegance of frilly dresses worn with cowboy boots.


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