Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine Should Look Like This

nighttime skin care routine

Beauty sleep is so important, but it’s the routine just before you hit the hay that can make a big difference in your complexion.

From workout routines to skincare routines, getting into a habit (and we’re talking about a good habit!) can provide big, beautiful rewards. If you don’t have a regular nighttime skin care routine, there’s no time like the present to establish one. Taking just five minutes each night can help you awaken to younger-looking, more beautiful skin.

Step 1: Start With A Cleanser

Going to sleep with your makeup on is a major no-no. You always want to “come clean” to prevent your pores from becoming clogged, leading to skin dullness. Wash your skin with a medium-temperature water. Too-hot water can strip the skin. Gently apply your cleanser in a circular motion to your skin. The right cleanser for you depends upon your skin type. For example, sensitive and dry skin types may need a gentle, non-soap cleanser to keep from drying out your skin. Products with a creamy texture are ideal. For those with oilier skin, you can utilize a mild exfoliating cleanser to prevent flaking skin from further clogging your pores.

In addition to cleansing your face, don’t forget to take off your eye makeup from the day. Not only will your smudge-free pillow thank you, you will also have a blank canvas to start with the next morning. One way to accomplish cleansing, plus taking off your eye makeup is to use pre-moistened cleansing cloths. One of the best inventions ever, if you ask us.

 Step 2: Apply or Use an Exfoliator

This part of your nighttime routine does not have to involve deep scrubbing. Instead, look for chemical exfoliators, such as a gel that contains alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids. These particles help to encourage skin cell turnover, making skin appear brighter overnight. You could also use a soft washcloth when you wash your face as an exfoliating step.

 Step 3: Moisturize 

Pretty much everyone needs a good facial moisturizer. If you have oilier skin, go with a lightweight formula or even a serum. Heavier anti-aging creams and moisturizers are good choices for those with dryer skin. A moisturizer or night cream that contains antioxidants, such as vitamin A or C can allow your skin to recover overnight. Also look for a nighttime anti-aging cream or moisturizer with powerful peptides to keep your skin looking it’s best – bye bye wrinkles… or future wrinkles!

Step 4: Apply Special Treatments

Have a few pimples, fine lines or some sunspots that need lightening? Now is the time to apply any special treatments with a gentle touch. Always ensure your fingers are clean to avoid adding oil or dirt to your skin.

Note that you may need to switch out some of your treatments as the seasons change. A heavier moisturizer in winter or a lighter one in summer can help to prevent dryness and/or weighing the skin down.

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