The Sweet Spun Beauty Credo


blow kiss 

 At Sweet Spun Beauty…

WE BELIEVE in the power of high heels and manicures.

WE BELIEVE in love at first site: Both in true love and in beauty products.

WE BELIEVE that shiny things are always best, except when it comes to your face.

WE BELIEVE that you should never stop playing dress up.

WE BELIEVE that champagne and chocolate can cure almost anything.

WE BELIEVE in chandeliers – everywhere. Yes, even in the laundry room.

WE BELIEVE that the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile.

WE BELIEVE in the girly power of vanilla tea, petit-fours, sparkles and pink.

WE BELIEVE that getting presents are so much fun, but giving them is even better.

WE BELIEVE in collecting pretty things that make you smile every time you walk in the door.

WE BELIEVE in the power of twirling like a toddler, dancing in the rain, blowing bubbles and picking dandelions.

WE BELIEVE that beauty and makeup should be fun.

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