Skin Care 101: An Anti Aging How To

skin care guide

Want to keep your complexion looking as youthful, supple, bright and beautiful as possible? Um, yes! (with my hand raised high).

Wear sunscreen every day. Check the blog for previous posts I have written that specifically discuss the benefits of sunscreen, so I won’t go into detail here, but wearing sunscreen is the most important step in keeping your skin looking young. Sermon over, lol.

Keep your hands down. As in, try not to touch your face too much. Oil and dirt from your hands can easily transfer to your face when touched, causing unwanted breakouts and blemishes.


Cleanse daily. Even though it may sometimes be a pain, the power of daily cleansing cannot be underestimated. Wash twice daily (morning and before bed) with a gentle cleanser. Avoid bar soap, as It can dry out your skin. If you do skip a cleaning here and there, it is better to skip in the morning than in the evening. Fortunately, not too much dirt accumulates on your face during the night!

Don’t go to bed with makeup up on. Makeup can clog pores, so it’s best to get if off of your face to let it breathe and rejuvenate while you sleep. Even if you don’t wear much (or any) makeup, you still need to wash off all of the pollutants your skin comes in contact with throughout the day. Buildup of these chemicals can be toxic, so be sure to wash them off at the end of the day.

Exfoliate about once or twice a week to keep your skin looking radiant. Gently buffing can help get rid of dead, older skin, revealing shiny newness.

Treat. Use serums and creams (before you moisturize) that specifically target your problem areas or concerns. An eye cream is an essential for everyone, even if you don’t have anything to treat yet… Use it to prevent lines in the future. Retinol is a key anti-aging ingredient, and is scientifically proven to reduce fine lines. You can read more about this wonder ingredient in some of my other posts.

Moisturize. Dry skin is not youthful-looking, so use a moisturizer in the morning and in the evening (after you have cleansed your face) to replenish moisture and to restore your skin’s suppleness. Look for a product with hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin hold on to moisture longer.

Brighten. Bright, even skin signals youth. As you get older, skin can start to look dull and uneven. This can be from discoloration due to the sun, a lack of exfoliation, or exposure to various pollutants we unfortunately cannot avoid. Here are a few key ingredients to pay attention to: Vitamin C (a skin brightening super hero!), soy (unfermented soy is the most effective form), or even licorice are known to brighten skin, making it look more youthful. For very stubborn discolorations, you can even turn to prescription level hydroquinone (with your dermatologist’s permission, of course), which will help fade darker marks.

I could create a much longer list, but these essentials are a good start. Keep your eye on the blog for additional posts that address specific anti-aging treatments and beautiful skin tips.



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