Pretty Ways To Store Your Beauty Stuff

makeup storage

So, we’re guessing that you have a lot of beauty stuff. Right? Brushes, makeup, fragrance skin care. Basically an entire glam-squad of tools and beauty miracle-workers at your fingertips. We’re slightly beauty-obsessed ourselves (major sarcasm there – we’re beyond beauty obsessed!). We not only like our beauty goodies to make us look and feel beautiful, we also like them to look pretty themselves. While it’s easy to toss brushes and lipsticks in a drawer, store them in stacks of lidded containers, or simply to keep them sprawled out on your countertop, we wanted to share some easy ideas for storing and displaying your beauty tools that are both pretty and practical.

Brushes. You want your brushes to maintain their shape. If you pile them on top of each other in a drawer or a box, they can lose their fullness, and therefore be less effective when you are applying your products. Try storing them upright in a pretty container on your countertop or vanity. Not only will your brushes maintain their fluffiness, but they will be easily visible and accessible when you’re ready to use them – and when you’re ready to put them back. You can try a pretty juice glass, an empty candle jar, or a votive holder. Choose one that accentuates your style. I chose a white ceramic votive holder (to match my white brush handles) with pretty side cutouts.

how to store  makeup brushes

{Brushes sitting pretty on display in a ceramic votive holder}

Lip crayons (read more about our love for lip crayons here), like makeup brushes, have long bodies. So, similar containers work for storing and displaying them, as well. Most of the lip crayons  below have different colored metallic lids, which complements the mercury-glass container they are sitting in. I often choose a crayon to apply just as I’m about to run out of the door. So having easy access to my favorite colors makes my morning routine a little bit faster and easier. Plus, any excuse to add a mercury glass accessory is a good excuse!


For some reason, it always seems like it is raining fragrance samples. While I do store a lot of them in clear containers (there are just too many of them!), I choose a handful of scents that I love and/or want to try to keep on my vanity at any given time. This way, I only have a few to look through in the morning, and I know they’re all good ones. Plus, the colored tubes are pretty to look at. Rather than keep them in a jar that I have to dig through, I like keeping fragrance samples and other smaller makeup items in shallow bowls or dishes. It is easy to see everything that is inside, and the bowl itself adds a little extra pretty to my countertop.


There are always random lotion bottles, fragrance bottles and other items that seem to scatter themselves around the bathroom. Try grouping them together on a plate or pedestal for a glamorous, yet tidy look. I absolutely love cake plates for everything. I used to store all of my fragrance bottles on them until I built shelves for them. Candle platters are also great for storing and displaying beauty items. Here, I used a mirrored candle plate to keep this team of beauty products together.


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