Post-Summer Skin Saviors

Summer Skin Care

As we look back in fondness on our carefree Summer days of galavanting at the beach, road tripping, and endless barbeques, we may also ponder our skin’s excess exposure to the sun and other complexion-aging elements.

Does your skin seem drier? Are fine lines looking more noticeable all of a sudden? Are you starting to notice some dark spots appearing? And while we tend to focus our attention to our face, other areas tend to also be extra vulnerable in the Summer months, such as shoulders, our chest and even feet.

Fortunately, with proper care, you can make some changes to your skin care regimen in order to try to revive your skin from its Summer fun. Here are some tips you can use to replenish your skin’s moisture, suppleness and youthful glow that may have taken a beating in the Summer’s heat.

Even Skin Tone

For Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone:

Add in a brightening serum to your daily morning routine. Look for ingredients such as Vitamin C, licorice or soy, which are known brightening agents. Try Sweet Spun Beauty’s Fancy Schmancy brightening serum each morning to help keep your complexion even and bright. Bonus if you also add in a serum packed with antioxidants to also help prevent new dark spots from forming.

Retinol. Retinol. Retinol. Start using a retinol product as soon as you notice a dark spot appearing. Apply three nights per week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. You should notice a difference after approximately two to three months.


For Breakouts Leftover From Summer Sunscreen Use:

If you have some breakouts caused from your sunscreen, you may have been using an oil-based or water-resistant sunscreen, which tend to hold onto sweat and oil in your pores. How to fix: Temporarily use a cleanser or treatment with salicylic acid. You should notice results fairly quickly.

Choose oil-free sunscreen formulas in order to prevent breakouts, as well as to keep your skin from looking too greasy. There are many oil-free options that are very lightweight, and even look great under makeup. Simply apply it after you apply your morning skin care products, but before your makeup primer.

Soft Feet

Less Than Pretty Feet:

You know the kind of feet I’m talking about. Rough skin, calluses… Not pretty. Making sure your feet are completely dry, use a foot file to sand away rough spots, most likely focusing on your heels. Then file with the finer side to remove excess dead skin and to smooth.

The geniuses at Aquaphor came out with an spray version of their miracle healing and soothing ointment. Apparently, it took them quite a bit of engineering work to figure out how to create a formula that would spray (aka – less mess, so right up my alley!). It is slightly lighter weight than the original, but for feet, it is perfect. Simply spray it on your feet, concentrating it on your heels (beware – it can feel a bit cold). Then immediately put on socks. In the morning, remove your socks to reveal baby soft feet. Yessss!

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