Monochrome Style: White-On-White

White is one of my very favorite colors (or non-colors, that is). So, I was excited to see the rest of the fashion world open up to the wonderful world of white during the recent runway shows. And I'm not just talking a small splash of white. Head-to-toe white... A complete monochromatic look. 

White is so fresh and airy, and although it needs extra care to keep it looking its best, the put-together look that an all-white ensemble creates is worth the extra effort. All-white is anything but boring. Mix different shades, from bright whites to more off-whites in an outfit. Also, vary the textures. Mix smooth fabrics with chunkier, more textured versions to add interest. And layer layer layer. Layers add visual depth when you’re wearing a single color. If you just can’t bring yourself to wear all white, don’t worry. White and black combinations (another favorite of ours!) are also in style in a big way. Add a black belt or accessory, or go all out with a black and white color block look.

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