Lusting After Lip Crayons – Why You’ll Love ‘Em

best lip crayons

If you’re not currently obsessing over lip crayons, that’s about to change. Chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss. They all have their place, but lip crayons are the modern “it” product of the moment to prett-ify your pout. And they are currently at the top of our makeup must-have list. Here’s why…

Not quite a lip liner, not quite a lipstick, lip crayons are practically foolproof. While you need a mirror and a watchful eye to apply lipstick, you can apply a lip crayon with perfection sans mirror. Try it with your eyes shut – we dare you! It’s really that easy. Plus, many formulas tend to be moisturizing and smoothing, which we absolutely love. Some even come in plumping formulas or with soothing aroma therapy scents to add a little spa-like calm to your mood as you apply.

best lip crayonsNo only are lip crayons easy to hold – really just like a crayon! But they go on so so smoothly. Like a creamy lip balm, but with the beautiful color of a lipstick. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus more…. More staying power, that is. While lipsticks tend to slip, slide and feather, lip crayons have major staying power. Many crayon formulas act almost like a slight stain, and therefore last much longer than your traditional tube lipsticks. And much, much longer than a gloss. But they also  leave a much more youthful looking wash of color than a thick lipstick. You can always accentuate your crayoned pout with gloss. Once the gloss fades away, color from the crayon will most likely still remain. Your pout will look perfectly colored throughout the day.

A few years ago, you could only find a few companies that even made lip crayons. Which meant that either you liked the few colors available, or you didn’t. Today, many brands have caught on with this obsession, and there are tons of beautiful hues available for every taste and occasion. You can also find them in different finishes: matte, glossy, super sheer, highly pigmented, shimmer. Yes, they even come in travel size… Perfect for the beauty maven on the go, or even just to test the waters on a new brand or color. We have countless travel sized tubes floating around the office. They seem to be quietly disappearing though. Hmmm.

One of our favorite things about these amazing lip coloring tools is the versatility they offer. You can layer as much or as little you’d like to reap different beautifying benefits. A light touch can get you a sheer, natural look, or you can layer and layer for a more saturated effect. Now that we’ve filled you in on our love affair with lip crayons, we urge you to test the waters. We’re sure you’ll fall in love. Your lips will thank you.

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