Let It Go – Your Hairstyle, That Is!

 braided hair

Today, several of us in the Sweet Spun office let our inner child come out and play, and it actually turned out to be a lot sexier than we had imagined. We saw so many braids on the runway during Fashion Week that we wanted to channel our inner 4th grader to see if braids could be pulled off in real life (not just in runway life) without looking like we were actually back in elementary school. And to be honest, even though Elsa is a cartoon character in a Disney movie, she’s actually pretty darn sexy in her slinky turquoise dress with her perfectly messy braid.

The key to an of-the-moment braid is to keep it slightly loose, and imperfect. Swept to the side, it can be absolutely fabulous – almost even bombshell. Add a headband for extra polish or sparkle for an extra touch of glamour. Bed Head Bonus: Keep your messy braid in overnight for super sexy waves the next day.

Post a picture of you and your braid, or any hairstyle you simply love, and you could be featured on a future blog post or on our Facebook page.


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