How To Create A Long-Lasting Eye Makeup Look

how to make your eyeshadow last

Regardless whether you want to create a sultry eye, a rocker look, or want to go with more of an all-natural appeal, the prep is what will make your eye makeup look amazing, and stay put all day (or night).

1. First, prep the lid. This is the most important step in creating a lasting eye makeup look, and it is often skipped. Prime your lid with concealer, or even better, with an eye primer. This not only shows off the full-body potential of your shadow, it also adds a little tackiness to keep the color in place. No fading or flaking.

2. When lining the eye, a two-step process will give you extra longevity. We all know too-well how easily eyeliner can fade away. First, line your eye with a creamy pencil. Then go over it with a small angled brush to push the color into your lashline for added staying power. You can even go on top with a powder if you want an extra dramatic look.

3. Chooes a shadow that is slightly creamy, or one that has just a hint of a sheen. These tend to last longer than their matte eye shadow counterparts. There are plenty of subtle options that will give you a surprisingly natural look.

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