Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

treatment for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes be gone! Regardless of our age, puffy eyes are something we all combat from time to time. Yes, glamour girls in their twenties up through beauty mavens in their fifties and beyond all deal with puffy, swollen eyes. Fortunately, there are things we can do to prevent and combat puffy peepers.

Puffy eyes can come from multiple factors. Lifestyle is most often the culprit when we are in our twenties, but can also play a role at any age. Remember that extra cocktail or salty snack you had last night? Uh, yeah, that’s right. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)  Lifestyle factors like these can cause extra fluid retention around the eyes – as well as elsewhere, ugh. Also, too much sun exposure can cause collagen and elastin to prematurely break down, also bringing about puffiness.

So, what can we do? Eye creams and serums can act like miracle workers, and can help bring the puffiness down. You can even keep your creams in the fridge, as cooler temperatures on our face can also bring down the puffiness. Or, go for the age-old cucumbers on the eyes. This really does work… It smells and feels so refreshing. And of course, don’t forget your daily SPF!

As we move into our thirties, skin starts to weaken (boo), so we start to see the appearance of under-eye bags. Eye creams containing caffeine can decrease fluid retention around and under our eyes. Also, it is a good idea to use a retinol product at night to start rebuilding some of the collagen that is being lost. As we get into our late thirties and early forties, the skin around the eyes weakens even more, and the fat pads around the eyes start to protrude. Hello eye puff! Here is where an eye serum with peptides comes in. A peptide eye serum will help to strengthen the skin around the eye, holding the fat pads in place – lessening the puffy eye look. Just like with the cucumbers, you can also try ice cubes to shrink blood vessels. This is temporary, but is a good trick if you need to look your best for an event or meeting.

As we move into our fifties and beyond, our skin also gets drier. Extra hydration is a must to keep skin looking its best. A line filler can also help with the look of under eye bags and fine lines, and works well in conjunction with collagen-boosting peptide serums and sunscreens (always – rain or shine!) to give our skin as much protection as possible). Puffy eyes will show their ugly faces, er, eyes, but there are steps we can take to fight them. Whew!

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