Hello Beautiful!

hello beautiful

Hello Beautiful… And Bonjour Gorgeous!

We are so happy that you found Sweet Spun Beauty and our beautiful world. Clearly you’re one smart cookie, but that’s nothing you didn’t already know, wink wink. Since this is likely the first time we’ve met, let us introduce ourselves. Sweet Spun stands for beauty. Yes, beauty as in amazing products that help you look and feel beautiful. Products that make your skin happy and your soul sing with delight. But we are also here to embark on a pretty and whimsical journey of all things beauty; Whatever it may be that brings happiness.

Yes, finding that perfect moisturizer, night cream or lip crayon may be like finding the holy grail, or so it seems, but also, maybe it’s finding the perfect vintage tufted chair at a flea market that makes you say – “sooo pretty,” and brings beauty to your home and into your life. For us, we took that perfectly French vintage tufted chair, re-upholstered it in a girly pink velvet, and placed it at one of our makeup vanity stations. And while that may sound like just a metaphor, we really did find that chair… and we use it daily. Our point: We like to surround ourselves with pretty. With beautiful things and beautiful people – both on the inside and out. When we do so, it helps us shine and feel all glowy.

At Sweet Spun, we want to bring beautiness (our play on happiness!) to you. It’s not enough that our products perform insanely well, although clearly that’s beyond super important, but we also want them to look so pretty on your vanity! Details matter. We take this to heart, and work on every single little detail until we have perfection. And that’s what we want you to expect from us. We take beauty to another level – Not just beauty, but Beauty Couture. Try our products, and let us know what you think. We are here to help make you and your world more beautiful.

Again, So Nice To Meet You!

Welcome to our Beautiful World.  xoxo

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