Beauty Trend Report: Unicorn Makeup

It’s all rainbows and sunshine in the world of beauty.

I love whimsy, and the idea of adding some fun to everyday life. So, when unicorns became the inspiration for a growing number of trends, both in and outside the beauty world, let’s just say that my inner child did a few cartwheels. Even Starbucks launched its now Instagram-famous unicorn Frappuccino. And wow, it was pretty.

But back to beauty!  Rainbow-licious colors and beautiful iridescence are the key to achieving a unicorn makeup look. Here are a few unicorn makeup tips to keep in mind:

Get Magically Glowy

Unicorns just seem to glow from the inside out. They are magical, after all! To get as close to magical as possible, try using a luminescent primer, as well as a generous (but tasteful – obviously!) sweeping of highlighter. While both shimmery powder and cream products will do the trick, cream and liquid products may help give your look an extra sheen. Want a little extra glisten? Massage a shimmery lotion onto your shoulders or collarbone.unicorn makeup unicorn makeup

It’s All About The Eyes

Eyeshadow: Let’s be real. Unicorn envy is all about the eyeshadow look. There are so many beautiful pastel eyeshadows on the market. While you could simply choose one for your base color and be done, I know that a beauty like you really wants to make a statement. Pull out several pretty hues and create a rainbow effect on your eyelids. To create the look, pull together pink, green, and a purple or blue eyeshadow. Add layers of color for more intensity. Next, highlight your brow bone with a light yellow or a very pale pink. Blend together at the edges to eliminate any harsh lines.

unicorn makeup unicorn eye makeup

Eyeliner: Unicorns have amazingly large, welcoming eyes. Line your lower rim with a white eyeliner pencil to really open up your eyes. Then, try a fun color to line your upper lash line. Bright pink if you’re brave, or a shimmery blue or black for a more mysterious look.

Eyelashes: Let’s talk lashes! Obviously, falsies are a must. Although a fun alternative is to use a colored mascara – try pink, blue or purple.

unicorn makeup

Time To Get Cheeky

Don’t forget to swirl your cheeks with a fluttering of flirty pink. A liquid blush will give you even more of a luminous, ethereal look, but a shimmery powder blush will also work. Spray with a finishing spray to set your look.

unicorn lipstick

Flirty Lips

For the finishing touch, you can color your lips in a couple of pretty ways. You can’t go wrong with a bright pink lip. Nothing says girly goodness like pink. For a more subtle look, and to balance out a brighter eyeshadow look, you can do an iridescent pastel color. Pale pink on it’s own or a pinky-lavender are great options. Add a touch of gloss in the center of your lips to achieve the look of a fuller pout.

unicorn makeup brushes


I love accessories. One of the most recent additions to my beauty stash is a fun unicorn-colored brush. It is meant for highlighter, but can be used to sweep a dusting of powder or bronzer, as well.

P.S. I would love to see some of your unicorn-inspired looks. Post them here, on our FB page, or in our private FB Group: Sweet Spun Beauties (search in groups, and request to be added).

Thanks for reading Beauties! Now, time to get magical.

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