Beauty Obsession: Cream Eyeshadow

cream eyeshadow

If you have never tried a cream eyeshadow, now is the time. Why do I love them so much? For a multitude of reasons...

One of the beauties of cream shadows is that they can be layered. Apply a single layer for a very soft, almost ethereal glow, or add a couple more layers for a deeper color. Romantic to sexy… A single shadow can give you a variety of looks. You have so much control over the look you create. Also, since cream shadows tend to have a hint of glimmer, they tend to open the eye, making your tired eyes look awake.

Another great thing about cream eyeshadow is that it can double as an eye primer. We love that! Simply apply an even layer of cream shadow to your lids, and then layer your favorite powder shadows on top for a color boost, and extra staying-power. Depending on the color of your cream shadow, you may not even need a brow bone highlighter. We adore Benefit Cosmetics’ Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP, as it is the perfect champagne color. Apply this on the lids and brow bone. Even if you layer a powder shadow on the lid, there is no need to add another brow bone highlighter.

cream eyeshadow

So many beauty brands have beautiful cream shadows in their collections, so there are plenty to choose from. We mentioned Benefit Cosmetics Creasless Cream Shadow (one of my favorites), but you can also try Smashbox 15-Hour Cream Eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow, or Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Eyeshadow, to just name a few. The formulas typically come in a pot, a crayon, or in a tube that looks almost like a lip gloss. Plus, since there’s no powder mess like sometimes happens with powder eyeshadows, it’s practically foolproof.

I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks for using cream shadows. Post your thoughts here or on our Facebook page.

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