A Simple Trick To Make Your Peepers Pop

We obsess over choosing the right mascara, eyeliner, and even applying false eyelashes in order to make our eyes stand out. Another simple way to take advantage of the natural beauty of our eyes and to make them really shine is through the use of color theory in choosing our eye shadow color. The same theory that applies to color in interior design also works with makeup. Choose a color on the color wheel that contrasts with the color of your iris to make it appear extra vibrant.

Here are some general guidelines:

Gold, bronze and shimmery brown hues will help make blue eyes shine. You can wear a single  color independently, or mix various shades to add more depth and drama. And try adding some navy eyeliner to bring out extra blue in your eyes.

If you have green eyes,  shades of amethyst, navy and pink (as red is opposite of green on the color wheel) flatters your pretty eye color.

If you have hazel eyes, which have a blend of several beautiful colors, you can play-up whichever hue you want to bring out. Lean towards greens one day and coppers the next to get a completely different stand out eye color.

Fortunately for all of you brown-eyes beauties, pretty much every color makes your eyes look amazing. Most shades of brown will look stunning, but if you want that extra pop of pretty for your eyes, try using a bit of purple and green next to one another. Why does this combo make brown eyes look so pretty? If you mix purple and green, you end up with brown.

I would love to see any pics you have of your beautiful eyes with your favorite eyeshadow looks. Post them here or on our FB or Insta page @SweetSpunBeauty.


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